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  1. Focus RS MK3 Discussion
    Hey guys and girls I just wanted to check out, as i have sold my Ford Focus RS Mk3 after around 1 year in use. In general i have been very pleased with my Focus RS, and it has been a joy to own. The running costs has been very low! There hasn't been any issues and the car has been a great...
  2. Focus RS MK3 recall discussion
    I have this unofficial information, whether you decide to believe me or not is up to you. This builds on the info I previously shared: FAQ Additional Info (...
  3. Track & Motorsport
    Hi Guys I just went back from an amazing trip to the Nürburgring in my Ford Focus RS! That was some of the most entertaining i have ever tried. Have you ever been taking your car to the Green Hell? And for reference, do you remember your lap time? As always i have made a video for my channel...
  4. MK3 - Interior & Exterior Bodywork & Styling
    Just switched the Matts in my car over from the M Sport ones to the Mountune ones. Not sure if anybody is still thinking about any of these matts but thought I'd show them side by side and give you some opinions. M Sport + good size with pop clips on both front matts, the blue sticthing goes...
1-4 of 5 Results