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  1. Scotland South
    Oops We seem to have taken over the sites events calendar :whistle: Hope I've managed to get something for everyone sorted. Still in planning day at a tuners rolling road karting/offroad buggies Anything else anybody can suggest? Davie
  2. Ford Fair
    Ford fair 2013....Whos all going and what you taking?
  3. London and South East
    Well guys I thought I would kick this off with only 3 months left of 2012 Post your suggestions here & I will pull them into a format similar to the 2012 Calendar for us. It would be good to see a few more meets in other areas of the SE & London region in 2013 so the guys who are not Essex...
  4. London and South East
    Essex Diary 2012 (originally started by Basobomber migrated to Dave276 on 5 apr 2012 All Essex Monthly meetings normally start around 1pm From 24 June 2012 the regular meeting place will by the Halfway House (A127/A128 junction) Map LInk Sat Nav Postcode CM13 3LL Previous Months activities...
1-4 of 4 Results