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  1. Car Care and Detailing
    Finally had the RS detailed and was picked up middle of the week so a big shout out the Innes at Carbonshine, hes done a stunning job and even placed my DMB inlays on the car which he didn't have to do. 8) I'll leave a few pics but loads more can be seen here if interested. :nice:
  2. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    I decided to book the RS in with Keith.. @basobomber For a detail............Well it was a long time coming and she was dirty, And considering she is wrapped ... But the result once finished was outstanding :smile: As you can see from the photos. I can't believe the transformation of my RS...
  3. Car Care and Detailing
    Any detailing heads out there? Anyone going to be coating there mk3 the day they get it? Is that even good for the car do the dealers have stuff on that usually has to be removed if so what would you recomend whats the best products for polishing waxing etc.
  4. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Hi all.. Gareth (Lenny2352) asked me about a detail for his PB RS.. the paintwork wasn't too bad with some swirling and a couple of light marks, but in general, it was just a little tired looking... so he dropped the car off with me Saturday morning for a 2 day correction. Upon arrival...
  5. Car Care and Detailing
    Hi guys just wondering where I can buy a cleaner that brings my exhaust tips looking really nice ! I've been using braso and it's good just doesent bring them up like ya can see ya face in them ! Anyone recommend one ???? Thanks guys
1-5 of 5 Results