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  1. North West
    Forwarding this message from the Facebook invite I have, 3.9k said attending on facebook. 5th April 2015 @ 18:00 Post Code: bb1 3ht - confirmed. If anyone else hear anything let me know on here. Here is the message from Facebook...
  2. North West
    Ultimate Car Cruise & 3 Sisters race circuit (Wigan) 9th November - Sunday., more details on the link. Part of the message from their facebook page: Now guys !!!! We will be holding a track day event. You can come down just for the gathering aswell to spectate. £20 for 10laps. ( drivers...
  3. General Topic Discussion
    This is why I dont go to Cruises, I have been to one that was bounced from one location to another and the Police were out in Force. Interesteing Article, unfortunately based in Essex as well so I wonder if any mmbers have been called as part of the 80? http://www.echo-news...n_court/?ref=mr...
  4. London and South East
    There is a cruise night @ southend seafront on sat 11/08/12(day before Fordfair) 19:30 hrs if anyones interested ?
1-4 of 4 Results