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  1. London and South East
    Welcome to the famous Essex Ford Fair Convoy thread! :thumbsup: 2017 convoy video is located at. Admins could you pin this please @Derek @Clive @Andy 9pm today (16-July-2017) ticket deadline! NOW...
  2. London and South East
    Hi all.. After waaay too long a delay in getting this sorted.. it's finally uploaded! Whilst not the most exciting from an editing perspective.. once again we can see the epicness of the convoy in full effect 8) :thumbsup: Thanks again to everyone involved in the organising and to my Dad for...
  3. General Topic Discussion
    Hi guys and gals newbie here, was wondering if anyone is attending the central performance show at santapod this weekend and any stand tickets available?
  4. Ford Fair
    Morning all, just wondered if anyone was on the M42/M40 route from Redditch / Birmingham for Ford Fair next week? If so is there a convoy meet up?
  5. Europe and International
    OK guys. As many of you know 12 of us made the journey over in 2012 to this meet (Treffen) at the Nürburgring. Date now fixed as 25th May 2013 Link to German forum thread http://www.focusrsfo...288381481237582 If people want to start putting down there names for being interested in this...
  6. Scotland South
    Any convoy(s) organised for the trip down south to Silverstone ? I'm planning on heading down from Aberdeen early morning on the Saturday.
1-6 of 6 Results