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  1. MK2 - Suspension, Steering & Chassis
    cant decide which coilovers to go for, mine is standard at the moment. it only for road use not track so i would like a bit more comfortable ride for london roads. narrowed it down to KW Varient 3 or Bilstein B16, theres also BC Racing. would like people experiences with them?
  2. MK2 - Suspension, Steering & Chassis
    Hey! Recently fitted BC Racing BR suspension to my RS! The coilovers are great quality, lovely piece of kit. I just need to find the right ride height/damper settings for the standard wheels and tyres now! What damper settings do you guys run? (in clicks of course for front and rear) and...
  3. MK2 - Suspension, Steering & Chassis
    It seems that my rear coilovers should be changed soon. I can change them to standard ones or go for the adjustable suspension either BC, KW or newly available Koni. The general purpose of the suspension is daily driving + roughly 10 to 20 track days a year. Due to the "nature" of the roads in...
  4. Custom | Unique Project Work
    G'day all, I thought it was time to update on the install of my KW Clubsport suspension and AP Race Brakes. There were a few 'hiccups' along the way, nothing too major but worth sharing I thought... Overall, the install of both the suspension and brakes was fairly simple. On a scale of 1 - 10...
  5. MK2 - Suspension, Steering & Chassis
    Good evening boys and girls, I'm wanting a set of coil overs to put on my car and came across these Not seen anyone fit these yet but could of missed something, does anyone have any knowledge on these or have had the, fitted...
1-5 of 5 Results