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  1. MK2 - Lighting & Electrical
    I am after some help. I was out in the RS a few days ago (19th Feb) and the battery light came on just a few miles from home. I have put a c-tek Charge and Test unit on it and the original alternator (77k miles) appears to be charging, between 14-14.5 volts. I just ran the instrument cluster...
  2. MK2 - Electrics & Lighting
    This is the Ford procedure for testing the Alternator. Thought it worth posting because the question is asked on a regular basis and you can do this anywhere using the dashboard voltage display. Generator On-Vehicle Tests - No-Load Test 1. Turn off all electrical loads and the ignition...
  3. MK1 - Tech. Discussion, Faults/Problems/Solutions
    Hi, all, can't find a list of diag codes on the forums, am wondering if anyone can shed any light on P1246 (Alt load in) coming up on my MK1 RS. New alternator fitted, due to battery run down, with solid battery light on startup ?
1-3 of 3 Results