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General Information

Focus RS Mk2
Ultimate Green
20000 Miles
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRating
Airtec Stage 2 Intercooler£0.00£0.009 / 10
Airtec Alloy Radiator£0.00£0.0010 / 10
K&N Group A air filter£0.00£0.009 / 10
Anembo Cast Inlet Plenum£0.00£0.009 / 10
Mountune Alcon Big Brake Kit£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Mountune Clubsports£0.00£0.007 / 10
Milltek Ultimate Turbo Back Exhaust£0.00£0.009 / 10
Polybush Suspension Bushes£0.00£0.009 / 10
Blue SMD's£0.00£0.009 / 10
Automark Custom Mapping Software£350.00£0.0010 / 10
Cold Air Feed£0.00£0.008 / 10
Bryshifter£0.00£0.009 / 10
Elevate Torque Mount£0.00£0.009 / 10
RS Standard Wheels in HyperSilver£230.00£0.0010 / 10
RS Build Number Plaque£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Snow performance Water MethanolW/Meth injection kit$900.00$1300.0010 / 10
Mountune Re-Circ Valve£100.00£30.009 / 10
Elevate RARB£160.00£0.008 / 10
JWR Strut Top Brace£135.00£0.008 / 10
Modifications to date:<br /><br />Engine/Performance Modifications:<br />Automark Engine Remap Software<br />Airtec Stage 2 Polished Intercooler<br />Airtec Polished Silver Radiator<br />Anembo Cast Plenum Satin Black<br />Pro Alloy Big Boost Pipe Kit<br />Milltek Ultimate Turbo Back Exhaust with 200 cell Sports Cat.<br />K&N Group A Cone Filter<br />Mountune Re-Circ Valve<br />Bryshifter<br />Elevate Torque Mount<br />Elevate RARB<br />JWR Polished Silver Front Strut Brace<br />IPD Boost Control Solenoid<br />Snow Performance Water Methanol Injection Kit<br /><br />Wheel, Brakes & Suspension:<br />Mountune Alcon Big Break Kit<br />Mountune Clubsport Suspension<br />Ford RS 19' Wheels in HyperSilver<br />Polybush Suspension Bushes<br />A&K Motorsport Bespoke Droplinks<br /><br />Exterior Modifications:<br />Cold Air Feed fitted in Front Left Trapezoid<br />LED Sidelights, Number Plate, Puddle & Indicator Bulbs<br />Ford RS Number Plate Surrounds<br /><br />Interior Modifications:<br />SMD Upgrade to Blue<br />All Interior Lights Upgraded to LED Bulbs<br />



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