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General Information

Focus RS Mk2
Azure Blue
21000 Miles
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRating
Anembo Inlet ManifoldUprated Inlet£0.00£0.008 / 10
Full Exterior Azure Blue ResprayFull body respray in Azure Blue£4500.00£0.0010 / 10
Rota PWR 19" in Bronze19" PWR wheels to clear brakes£0.00£0.008 / 10
Forged K1 Con-RodsOn Car when purchased£0.00£0.008 / 10
Forged Wiseco PistionsOn Car when purchased£0.00£0.008 / 10
650cc injectorsOn Car when purchased£0.00£0.005 / 10
K&N Dry Charge SockUprated Air Filter£0.00£0.005 / 10
Spec-R Intercooler & Hard PipesUprated Intercooler£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Kaylan MudflapsBlack Set of Kaylan Flaps£125.00£0.008 / 10
Milltek Cat Back ExhaustSystemCat Back uprated Exhaust£650.00£50.008 / 10
Forge DVUprated Dump Valve£0.00£0.008 / 10
Powerflex Gearbox bushuprated gearbox bush£0.00£0.006 / 10
Full Blue SMD upgradeAll blue SMDs gauges, clocks etc.,£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Full Set of Blue wheel nutsReplacment blue wheel nuts£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Ksport 380mm Front BrakesKsport 380mm Front Brakes with Azure Blue Calipers and Blue Stuff Pads£1400.00£0.0010 / 10
Ksport 330mm Rear BrakesKsport 330mm Rear Brakes, Azure Calipers with Blue Stuff Pads£1400.00£0.0010 / 10
JWR Carbon Front BraceHad to change to fit spec-r Tanks£0.00£0.009 / 10
Hardrace Gearbox Torque MountUprated harden rubber gearbox torque mount£80.00£0.008 / 10
RS500 Fuel PumpMP350 or RS500 fuel pump£650.00£0.008 / 10
AS Crossover PipeCustom painted / airbrushed in azure blue£0.00£0.008 / 10
SUMMIT Lower Front 4 point brace£150.00£25.008 / 10
SUMMIT Rear 2 point brace£130.00£25.008 / 10
SUMMIT rear 4 point brace£150.00£25.008 / 10
A&K DroplinksUprated adjustable drop links£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Hardrace Upper Camber ArmsHarden Rubber adjustable Camber Arms£0.00£0.008 / 10
Hardrace Lower Toe ArmsAdjustable lower toe arms.£0.00£0.008 / 10
Whiteline Rear Anti Roll BarUprated Rear anti roll bar£0.00£0.008 / 10
Hardrace Front WishbonesUprated front wishbones and bushes£0.00£0.008 / 10
Hardrace front ball jointsUprated front ball joints£0.00£0.008 / 10
Hardrace Front tie rod endsUprated front tie rod ends.£0.00£0.008 / 10
BC ER Coilover SuspensionBC ER Coilovers£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Spec-R RadiatorUprated Radiator£0.00£0.008 / 10
Spec-R Oil CoolerUprated oilcooler£0.00£0.008 / 10
Custom Azure blue painted 59 plate RS. Harvey gibbs built forged Engine, Spec-R Intercooler, oil cooler, rad, header and power steering tanks, K&N Group A air filter, Anebo inlet, 380mm K-sport front brakes, 330mm K-sport rears hiding behind 19" Bronze Rota PWR alloy wheels, 650cc injectors, Milltek Exhaust System.



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