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Focus RS Mk2
Ultimate Green
24500 Miles
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRating
AP Racing Brakes362mm dia, 6 pot, DS-2500 pads, Green BF Goodrich brake lines£0.00£0.0010 / 10
SCC Stage 4 Superchips Upgrade£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Mountune Inlet Plenum£0.00£0.0010 / 10
OZ Superturismo's with Pirelli PZero Corsa's19 x 8 with 37 offset, Graphite Gray£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Milltek Turbo-back ExhaustFull Milltek turbo-back exhaust with 200 cell sports cat and downpipe£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Rear SCC Grooved DiscsRear SCC Grooved Discs with Ferrodo DS2500 pads and Green BF Goodrich Braided brake lines£0.00£0.0010 / 10
SFS Engine HosesComplete set of SFS Enigine bay hoses£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Graham Goode CAISCold Air Intake System with K&N Filter£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Vibra-Technic Engine Link£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Pro-Alloy WRC style Intercooler£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Forge Dump Valve£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Uprated SCC InjectorsPart of SCC REVO 425S Upgrade£0.00£0.0010 / 10
FlyeyesFlyeyes fitted to all lights£0.00£0.007 / 10
Pro-Alloy RadiatorPro-Alloy Radiator£0.00£0.0010 / 10
KW V3 Coilover SuspensionKW V3 Coilover Suspension£0.00£0.0010 / 10
REVO 425S RemapREVO 425S Remap£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Uprated Fuel PumpFitted as part of SCC REVO 425S Upgrade£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Misc. Engine Dress up Items£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Auto Specialists Induction Pipe£0.00£0.0010 / 10
REVO SPSREVO Serial Port Switch for Stage 4+ Upgrade£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Forge ActuatorForge Actuator with blue spring£0.00£0.000 / 10
Pro Alloy Boost Pipe KitPro Alloy Light Weight Uprated Boost Pipe Kit£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Whiteline Anti-Roll BarsWhiteline front and rear anti/roll bars.£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Helix Clutch & Solid FlywheelHelix 6 paddle clutch and solid billet flywheel and uprated metal slave cylinder£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Black Ceramic Coated Milltek Exhaust TipsBlack ceramic coated Milltek exhaust tips£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Compomotives and Toyo R888'sSatin Black Compomotive MO's, 9"x18" and 265x35 18" Toyo R888's£0.00£0.0010 / 10
SCC 425S Software UpdateUpdated software and Forge actuator adjustment£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Streamline Carbon Full Streamline Carbon external kit plus 'high lip' rear spoiler£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Forged EngineFull forged engined with port head and big valves, JWR phase 2 cams, GTX3076R turbo, .....£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Spec-RSpec-R Radiator, Intercooler with hard pipe kit, oil cooler, coolant tank and power steering reservoir.£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Streamline Carbon underbonnetFull Streamline Carbon underbonnet dress-up kit£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Elevate Torque LinkElevate torque link with road bush (race bush to hard)£0.00£0.005 / 10
Custom WRTuning/JWER/Autotech Phase 10 mapCustom WRTuning/JWR/Autotech phase 10 map£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Elevate InletsElevate upper and lower ported inlets/manifolds£0.00£0.0010 / 10
Strut BracesJWR carbon fibre look front and rear strut braces£0.00£0.0010 / 10
JWR High pressure/high flow fuel pumpJWR high pressure and high flow fuel pump£0.00£0.0010 / 10



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Hi Bill,<br />
<br />
the car looks fantastic bet it goes like the clappers

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It's pretty rapid. Getting a Helix clutch and single mass flywheel fitted at Sitech Racing next Saturday. I'm going to try and get it re-dyno'd then also.