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Rear Fog light

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My Mk3 just failed its MOT on rear fog light Few questions.

How do you access it? Do you remove rear diffuser? Is it an Easy job?

Could it be a fuse? cant find which fuse in owners manual anyone know? Light illuminates on dashboard to show fog light should be on

As Ford replacements are £200 plus Are the replacements like this one
simple switchovers unplug one and plug in replacement?

Thanks all!


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Mine stopped working inside the first year. Bad seal in the light, water getting in. Got it replaced just before warranty ran out just because of the price of it. I think the Hella has a different plug on the back

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If you still have warranty it is definitely  a covered item. I had mine replaced also under warranty

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Just had mine replaced under warranty when it went for rocker cover gasket change

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I would suggest that Hella are very likely to manufacture the single rear Mk3 RS fog lamp, but think that you check part no's. etc. to be sure. Maybe ask Tezza on the Part No. list ? 

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