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Dream car...got or not

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Back in the day was toyota AE86 Corolla,spot lights and minilites. Got one and to be honest it was a let down,shouldn't meet your heroes

Thankfully I got alot more sense I think


Too true. Never meet your heroes.


I met Rolf Harris and he was a :censored:. He was creepy and touchy with all the ladies too.


This was before his fall from grace. Had I not met him, I'd never have believed the allegations.


Cars can be as big a let down as well.


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In the 90s I drove from Essex to Derbyshire with my uncle to look at a Jaguar E-Type V12 he was considering purchasing as a project, he used to be a mechanic straight out of school working on Jags.   The journey up was full of positivity about the cars and how he remembered them, following his test drive he did not make an offer for the car and our journey home was literally summarised as never meet your heroes, or in this case don't underestimate the development of car technology over the years.   Whilst it was too much of a money pit to restore to a reasonable state it really needed a resto-mod approach to make it usable and enjoyable.


Ended up buying an MGB convertible, which with hindsight I suspect was more of a knee jerk reaction to at least get something to enjoy during the summer as it made way for a Caterham 7 fairly quickly afterwards.

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Dreams change as time goes on I guess.  These days I dream to a degree about having a GT3 RS but likely never will.

Original dream was a Capri 2.8i which i got in the 80's and still have then the RS stuff which I have managed to hold onto for now.

Will see what the future brings and what new Dreams materialise...............

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