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No coilovers or engine modes, just rock & roll!

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UK jon

UK jon
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How it used to be before Coronavirus........

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Mr Angry

Mr Angry
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Those were the days when a man could say he can Drive
I bet it was finger nails in dashboard situation

The bloke driving the Renault must have had some right stains in his Y fronts cornering that thing

Love stuff like this



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I had a couple of mk1 Granadas, the first one was a 3.0 ltr GL in red. I got nicked in it as somewhere along the line it had been stolen recovered but the recovery back to its owner was not reported to the insurance company and it was still on the stolen cars list sort of thing. There I was driving around like a 15 year old executive and the next thing I was in a cell :lol: when I eventually got the car back from the met police Richmond I was convinced they had done something to the car’s engine as it ran very lumpy where as before it was a very smooth car and ran nicely. I remember one coppers comment on the car which was “look at that motor” in a sarcastic and demeaning sort of way the night I got nicked. I said in reply “that’s a good motor that” and it was. Not bad for a 15 old kid, that’s what probably got to him, he probably had a push bike or a Citroen 2cv on his wages at the time :lol:

The second one I had was 3.0 ltr Ghia in light metallic blue, it was a Q plater as it was originally registered in Germany when the fella was in the army and when he returned back to the U.K. it was re registered on a Q, again a nice car which was rhd. Bought it off the fella in Beddington Lane Croydon. It met its end at a traffic light junction as someone hit it head on and wrote it off. The interior went straight into a silver S Reg MK2 Granada gl that I bought and was a perfect match as it was blue trim like the standard trim that was fitted. I was a bit older by this time and actually had a driving license and was legal :lol:

Good old booters the mk1 & MK2 grannies :nice: I had a few of them
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Another popular car used in the Sweeny and other similar progs. was the Rover 2000  I actually had 3 of them back in the late 60's and although the roadholding and handling were surprisingly good, they rolled alarmingly!

I would get the occasional stare when driving into work in the Rover - I worked for Ford at Dagenham! :smile:



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