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Also a theme on this whole 79 page thread (and counting  :smile:, is it more yet than the recall thread?) , if someone comments that you don't like, the core response is to refer to them as a muppet. Just to point out, just because you are vocal in your opinions does not make you right

Or lazy. Of lefty. Or some other stupid term handed down through the generations of a family who tries to understand politics and YouTube. Seriously.
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Behave like a muppet, get called out as a muppet.

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Who would take up £6.5k toward an electric car?.

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I don't even bother with petitions like these. They are pathetic just people jumping on the bandwagon.

It is like when you get someone say or do something on tv/radio. Maybe only 3-400 people watched it, but then a day or so later when it is shared on social media etc. it then starts generating near a million complaints from people who never saw it live, just think it is something to do as they have a sad :censored: life to be a sheep and jump on the bandwagon for everything. Jonathon Ross was a victim of this :censored: and so was Clarkson. Recently Piers Morgan had a similar thing with thousands of complaints from idiots who never even watched the program live.

Signatures on this petition are growing.



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