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Mustang Mach-E Reveal

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You've took your finger off the fashion pulse lol

Not me. I am only saying what I see. It's the women who haven't caught up yet. :)
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Exactly this, there are more potential new customers out there than the handful of ICE Mustang owners that would be put off purchasing another ICE Mustang.


Slightly less controversial, Chris Harris' opinion on four cylinder Boxsters...


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Have you seen an Edsel?

I'm old enough to remember the Edsel! :blush:

It may not have been the best looking car of the age but at least there was a bit of character in it's ugliness which is more than can be said of that Mustang thing.

The Edsel (Named after Henry Ford's son - so it's flop didn't go down too well!) can now be a collectors item - can you imagine this Mustang reaching that status in 50 years time? :sad:  Mmm...…..Maybe it's that awful that it just might :facepalm:

At this stage I have to say it's not so much the car itself I'm critical about.  I find it 'just another SUV type thing' not particularly worthy of comment - it's the name they've chosen.  If it was called 'Arab' or 'Lusitano' it wouldn't be so annoying!

Ford UK have also rattled the ugly tree over the years eg Zephyr of '70  later Scorpio etc  Sadly, (or fortunately) you don't see many of those at car shows.



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Cant agree with Chris on the Mustang, and I'm not a die hard fan at all.
Got to agree with him about the 440 Charger though. Amazing car IMO.

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