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#2445578 MK3 Focus RS Videos and reviews .

Posted by Clive on 03 February 2015 - 17:55

Ford's MK3 RS Press release . . .


Focus RS MK3 Global reveal in Cologne .



Autocar video .



Evo magazine video .



Ford Europe 'on the road' video .



New York Auto Show .






Shmee 150



Nurburgring testing



Designer walkaround at Geneva 



Bloomberg , Steve Odell says


Ford RS – 47 years of performance and innovation


The Street


Final shakedown before Goodwood (June 2015)


Ken Block - GFOS


Another Nurburgring


Forza 5 livery


Sky Sports advert


Vimeo video


Essex Ford preview


All Wheel Drive - mountain to beach


Engine revving - Goodwood


The Carlisle experience




Frankfurt motorshow walkaround


Bit of a montage


Richmond Ford video


OC autoshow


Speed Heads


Auto Zurich


RS at Sema


CP at Sema




Lommel hoon


SVT Technical presentation


SVT First ride


You Car - running footage


Marca Motor


Crazy Cars


Evo Espana @Lommel


Detroit Free Press


Miami Auto Show walkaround


Inside Lane - RS start up and revving


Goodwood walkaround


Scirocco the punisher walkaround


Inside Lane


Essen Motor Show


Essen Motor Show


Magnetic Grey on the road (Germany)


Ford Europe - AWD Fun


Olly T555 - First Look


Auto and Game walkaround


Instagram - RS in the snow






9 seconds of engine revving


Inside Lane - RS vs Civic Type-R


AutoreviewCZ - good slo-mo cornering


Snowkhana 4


Motorcar Tube - RS vs Golf-R


Auto Trader - Top 10 most exciting cars of 2016


FMC - It's arrived advert




Motoronline - Exhaust sound


Car news channel


More start up and revving


Jurgen Gagstatter alkaround


Ford Europe - Drive modes explained


Supercars of London - I'M NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN!!!





Video from US debut press release .






Ford UK Facebook . . . https://www.facebook.../forduk?fref=nf


Auto Express review . . . http://www.autoexpre...and-over-318bhp


Autocar review . . . http://www.autocar.c...lusive-pictures


Autocar (October) . . . http://www.autocar.c...-passenger-ride


What Car review . . . http://www.whatcar.c...-photos/1326225


TopSpeed review . . . http://www.topspeed....s-ar124726.html


Top Gear review (Feb). . . http://www.topgear.c...aled-2015-02-03


Top Gear review (April) . . .


Top Gear review (Oct) . . . http://www.topgear.c...s-yes-it-drifts


Autobild pictures . . . http://www.autobild....9714.html#bild1


Car and Driver review . . . http://www.caranddri...7-ford-focus-rs


Car and Driver (Nov) . . . http://blog.caranddr...ould-ever-want/


Top Speed  - Focus RS vs Focus WRC. . . http://www.topspeed....c-ar167505.html


Motor Authority - RS debut . . .


CAR - first drive . . .


Mashable UK . . .


Automobile (pics and video) . . . http://www.automobil...-ford-focus-rs/


Wards Auto . . .


Mensquare . . . http://www.autonews....6-essai-lommel/


Motoronline review and video . . . http://www.motorionl...ot-hatch-video/




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  • RennTV footage - LINK

#4974009 Not the car I was expecting

Posted by Trophyhusband on 24 October 2016 - 06:33

I ordered my car back in January and have been following the various topics on this forum over the last nine months.
I collected my car on Friday so have only had it a couple of days but I'm concerned that it doesn't resemble the car I expected. Here's a quick list of issues.
The rdu doesn't seem to leak
The bumpers have been painted the same colour as the rest of the car.
The B piller doesn't rattle.
The bodywork lacks scratches and swirls.
I haven't driven it very hard but it refuses to swerve uncontrollably all over the road while overtaking.
The springs are missing the transport blocks.
The tyre pressures are correct.
Ford have fitted sync3 when I clearly specified sync2.

All these issues are making me think I should have got an AMG A45 instead as I have little to contribute to the forum.

Anyone else in this situation ?

#3751745 A Members Review - Driving the 2016 Focus RS

Posted by Rich on 03 February 2016 - 14:51

First Impressions
Let’s deal with the elephant in the room, it’s a five door. However, it is a handsome looking car, conservative yes, but it has a presence. Even in the more subtle colours it is distinctive enough to separate itself from lesser Focus models. Ford state that everything you see on the car is there for a reason -  for example the new front end aids cooling to both engine and brakes and the rear spoiler is designed to ensure zero lift at high speed. So no theatrical arches or bonnet vents here. The RS is now a car your mother-in-law won’t turn her nose up at, and she will appreciate those rear doors when she climbs in. I think aftermarket styling companies will have an interest here to cater for those that like to stand out a bit more.


If you drive a Mk2 Focus, you will instantly notice a step up in trim quality and equipment. If you drive a Mk3 ST you will probably not notice anything, there is very little inside that distinguishes the RS from the ST aside from small trim touches. I have read many reviews where the authors have shown disappointment that the RS is not more special inside, but I think they fail to remember that no previous RS models have had completely different interiors. It’s got an RS badge on it not a Vignale one. Some interior plastics are still hard to the touch, but it is very well screwed together – the Mk3 Focus is not known for problems with rattling dashboards unlike some of it’s more premium rivals (A Class for example).
The standard seats are lifted straight from the ST as is the somewhat elevated driving position, but importantly unlike the Mk2 it is no higher. Those standard chairs are comfortable and supportive even for more portly framed bodies. Getting in to an ideal driving position is very easy, the pedals are excellently spaced and the steering wheel fully adjustable. Rear seats offer good leg and headroom for your additional passengers.


Driving – City – Normal Mode
As easy to drive as any Focus. Steering is light, as it the clutch. Exhaust is almost silent. Your wife will not understand what the fuss is about as she pootles to the shops and back. Apart from the looks the car gets that is, it is still a car that attracts stares from the knowledgeable and the curious.
Driving – Motorway – Normal Mode
You can cruise in comfort for miles in the RS. In normal mode the steering feels very much like the ST, but importantly does not share the variable ratio rack. The RS has a quick (two turns lock to lock) fixed ratio unit. The exhaust is audible (just) but has no drone and no pops and bangs are present either up or down the gearbox. All very civilised for those journey where you just need to get somewhere without any drama.
Driving – Motorway – Sport Mode
The heavier steering is almost undetectable. The quicker throttle response is welcome though. The exhaust has also now woken up, and it will pop and bang on up shifts and when lifting off the throttle.

My ideal setting for motorway – Sport Mode (I miss the exhaust when in normal)


Driving – Mountain Roads – Normal Mode
The stiffened body shell means that even in normal mode the Focus RS is no “boat” around the twisties, however you do yearn for that sharper steering and throttle response so quickly on to……
Driving  - Mountain Roads – Sport Mode
OMG the car has come alive!
The AWD is starting to do its thing, the exhaust is barking at you and the engine is revving to its redline madly.
The first thing I notice is the ride. The Mk2 RS was a hard riding car and could be quite crashy on some surfaces. The ride on the Mk3 is sublime, Ford have nailed it. If you are worried that the transition from ST to RS will result in a more uncomfortable experience then let me assure you 100% that it will not. As progress quickens the next thing that strikes me is the power of the brakes, again perfect. To any brake suppliers out there I am sorry but there is nothing to see here for you, move on.
The exhaust is now singing, banging on the up shift and popping wildly when you lift off the throttle. It’s no Mk2 with decat and Section 59, but your neighbours will probably thank you for that. It is a completely different tone, tenor v baritone, but pleasant to the ear nonetheless.The AWD system gives you incredible confidence, on my test the roads were damp, but I just ploughed through corners faster and faster. I’ll try to describe how it feels. In the Mk2 RS when cornering hard you feel the inside front wheel pulling you through the corner. In the Mk3 you feel the outside rear wheel pushing you through the corner leaving the steering free from additional loading. Then as you accelerate out of the corner you have huge levels of traction and (obviously) no torque steer.
In Sport mode the ESC allows a degree of forced sideways action and the damp surface allowed me to enjoy this during a four mile stretch of 2nd gear switch backs. It is totally controllable, just add a good dose of extra throttle just before you hit the apex and just steer in to it slightly. No sawing at the wheel and you never feel the need to lift off the power. It is great fun and your unsuspecting passengers will believe it is all down to your driving talent.
On a dry public road you would need to be pulling some rather crazy shapes for the RS to run out of grip, I couldn’t get close to managing it on the return journey when the roads had dried. On of my fellow drivers came close but he did take a corner about 40kph faster than was sensible, causing us all a split second of panic before the car corrected his error and ploughed merrily on.
A to B on British roads the RS will take some beating, and I don’t mean just by similarly priced cars, I mean by anything regardless of its price or badge. I have never driven anything I would consider faster in this respect.
Driving – Mountain Roads – Track Mode
As I stated earlier, Ford have nailed the ride on normal roads so why ruin it by switching to Track Mode and making it 40% stiffer? It is not what it is designed for and there really are no benefits on the open road. Leave it in Sport.
My ideal setting for B roads – Sport Mode


Driving – Track – Track Mode
Our track for the day was the Circuit de Valencia, predominately used as a motorcycle venue. The entire circuit (straight excluded) could probably be driven in 3rd gear so it is twisty, but super smooth.
The track spec cars were fitted with the lightweight forged alloys and Michelin Cup tyres as well as the optional Recaro CS seats and it was obvious after a couple of corners with the suspension now that aforementioned 40% stiffer that the grip levels had been turned up to eleven. No matter how fast or how hard you corner, once those Cups are toasty the RS is pretty much glued to the track. Ford state the car will pull >1g and I believe them. In fact I would go so far as to say the CS seats may not be up to the job for those that attend track days regularly. Harnesses will probably be in order.
Power delivery is very linear, “off boost” gaps in the rev band are non existent and the brakes again prove to be more than up to the job. We questioned the complete absence of brake fade and we were assured both the brake itself and the pads fitted to them were completely standard on the test cars.
You probably feel the AWD less on the track than you do on the road, it just works it’s magic in the background, turning the RS into a proper point and squirt machine. All previous fast Focus’s have required a degree of throttle modulation on track, but with this one you can really use the right pedal in a binary fashion.
For an out-and-out track car the RS is on the heavy side, but for the odd day once a year it really is good fun. I suspect tyre wear will be high though.
My ideal setting for Track days – Track Mode (does exactly what is says on the tin)


Launch Control
It is a little fiddly to select Launch Control. You have to scroll through the stalk menu and select Driver Assist and then Launch Mode before you can enable it. This is not ideal for the traffic light grand prix (if that is your kind of thing) and a simple button would have been better.
Once enabled you hold your left foot on the clutch and bury the throttle to the floor with your right. The car holds the revs on a limiter at 5000rpm resulting in the exhaust popping like mad, a bit similar to anti-lag. Then side step the clutch as quickly as you can and off it goes. I say “side step” as to execute the perfect launch the clutch needs to be dumped rather than released and I found holding it with your big toe only rather than you whole foot the best way to do this.

The result is a neck snapping launch and 0-60 in 4.7 seconds, easily repeated time after time with the knowledge that there is no counter for launches and no warranty worries.
Drift Mode
Firstly, let us be completely honest, it is a gimmick, but a hoot nonetheless.
Our test arena was (somewhat mischievously) two circles of cones set up to mark out an imaginary roundabout. Selecting Drift Mode returns the car to normal suspension, the lightest steering setting but retains the sport settings exhaust volume.
We entered the “roundabout” at 10mph, turned in slightly to let the car know the direction of travel and then floored the throttle.
I will be the first to admit my drifting skills are non existent, but the RS drift mode makes it probably 10 times easier than in any other car. Anyone should be able to do it after about 10 minutes practice. The same steering and throttle inputs apply as to any car, but as the RS wants to drift your inputs are less pronounced and less necessary. Your tyres are not spared though as the three Michelin lorries on site demonstrated.


I loved my time with the Focus RS. Ford set out to produce a car that was immensely capable but not at the expense of driver fun. They have succeeded spectacularly. Leave your doubts about the four doors, the ride, the missing cylinder or whatever preconceptions you have and just buy one before they have gone. I promise you will not be disappointed.



#2383290 MK3 Focus RS Launch - 03/02/15 - FocusRSOC Attending!

Posted by Rich on 21 January 2015 - 15:12

Hi all,


The MK3 Focus RS will be unveiled at a special event on 3rd February 2015 in Cologne.


The event will be attended by Jim Farley, Chairman & CEO Ford of Europe, Raj Nair, Ford Global Vice President, key members of Global Product Development, members of Ford Performance, the world motoring press and......  !!!!!


Yes, I will be attending the event to see the car and learn all about it thanks to an invite from Ford Europe, so you can read about it here before anyone else.


I am sure you will all agree that this is a great coup for the Club and I shall try to share all news with you all as soon as is possible.


Thanks to Dave276 for his advice.

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#5609986 Nürburgring Laptime. A second attempt!

Posted by RacerMike on 13 April 2017 - 08:04

Finally got to the Ring, and as promised, I had a go at a decent lap! Unfortunately, it was impossible to get a completely clear lap in (I lost about 6 or so seconds total through Adenau Forst and Metzgefeldt waiting to get past), so the best I managed in the end was an 8min 12sec.

I think with brand new tyres and a totally clear lap, it would be possible to go faster than the Sport Auto lap, but sub 8 would be a real push. Maybe 8min 03 or 02 with perfect conditions?

Car felt good though. Only chink in the armour is the oil temp which is sky high by the end of one hot lap. Really for this kind of car, it's not that surprising. Everything else lasted well though. Brakes were stil strong after 12 laps, and Cup2s lasted well (although there isn't much writing left on the sidewalls!)

Here's the lap:

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#395765 'Focus RS WRC Edition'

Posted by EMS on 07 October 2012 - 19:32

Moving on from my build threads, I have a few photos of the finished car...thats if these thing ever do become finished...lets just agree that its finished for now....
I went out for a spin today and it does attract some attention....
I've continued with my trademark Frozen white with Black, Mountune yellow and a nod to my GP hero, the late great Marco Simoncelli.

Thanks to all who have apreciated the project and everyone for their honesty and replies...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

So there yopu have it boys and girls....LOTS of pics of the RS in WRC clothes....

Its bonkers in the flesh and I'll be at the Malton Breakfast Meet next Sunday if its dry....for you all to see.

#4332666 SavageRS back in a ford performance! :)

Posted by savageRS on 23 May 2016 - 15:25

Went down to dealer today to sign finance paperwork and everything, car was there looking very aggressive and very nice indeed and then salesman said everyone going in and out has been looking at it lol luckily he personally has the keys and isn't letting anyone near it and it's even on the paperwork he's the only one to move it about :thumbsup:

Had a good look round it and checked everything and seems to be in order, no front splitter scrapes, scratches, etc and all buttons working properly so seems all good lol

It's being taxed and sorted as we speak and I'm picking up tomorrow after work haha so roll on tomorrow lol!!

Attached File  image.jpeg   206.74KB   38 downloads

Attached File  image.jpeg   223.77KB   25 downloads
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#1427010 DMB stickers , badges , overlays etc for the RS .

Posted by Clive on 08 March 2014 - 19:34

Some Members seem to have trouble finding various DMB items for the RS , so I thought it was time for a list of the available items . . . . .


RS badge inlay -


RS GEL badge inlay


RS Wheel decal


Induction pipe gel badge -

Spoiler decals -

RS front caliper dacals -

RS rear caliper dacals -

Headlight brows -

Build number gel badge -

Lower grill vinyl -

#4277609 How good is the RS? (Lots of Pics!)

Posted by FRS_MPH on 12 May 2016 - 21:58

Quick Answer:  VERY Good Indeed!
Long Answer:  Read on...
So, I picked my RS up on Monday, exactly 235 days after placing my order...
Firstly, I have made the decision to run the car in for the first 1k miles (primarily because I am planning to keep the car for a few years and want to give it the best possible start in life)...
OMG, this is going to be a tough 1k!  I am keeping it below 4k rpm, but varying the revs as much as possible and trying not to put excessive load on the engine... However, the urge to just plant the loud pedal into the carpet and try out the full RS experience is so very, very tempting!!
... So this means that I am not going to give you stories of the car veering off wildly under hard acceleration or gratuitous tales of the torque steer trying to rip my arms from my torso, or even the car trying to kill anyone!
Nor am I going to be able to tell heroic tales of how I drifted round endless roundabouts with one arm out the window, nor how I thrashed every Golf R, RS3 and A45 at every set of traffic lights this side of the Watford Gap!... What I can give you is my honest opinion of the car so far, good... and not so good...
The Good:
- Torque - Wow!  Just Wow!  No matter what gear you are in, no matter what speed you are going, this engine is just so eager - No laggy turbo boost and no peaky torque curve here, just lashings and lashings of glorious torque right from the bottom of the rev range.  Love it!   :bounce:
Attached File  focus-rs-power-graph.png   44.7KB   1 downloads
The only thing is, it is so easy to build up speed very quickly (and this is while being restrained during run-in!)... I think keeping the digital speed display in the dash display will be a good idea!   :nice:   :busted:
Attached File  Speed Display.jpg   110.84KB   4 downloads
- Steering Feel - Is fantastic, so direct.  I can see why some people may find it a bit too direct, but for me it feels just brilliant and really suits the ‘mood’ and ‘personality’ of the car.   :DDance:
Attached File  Steering Effort Graph.jpg   66.47KB   3 downloads
- Gear Change - So slick and precise, really nice action and the short stubby shaft and nice feeling gearknob make it a pleasure to use.   :smile:
Attached File  Ger Stick.jpg   211.22KB   1 downloads
- Sport Mode - Oh my god, I am in love with sport mode.   :DDance:  It really livens the car up.  The sound.   :thumbsup:  The throttle response.   :bounce:  It just makes the whole experience just that bit ‘more’ than normal mode... That bit more :rs: !  I am already changing the car into Sport mode every time I start it up - I think this will become an automatic part of my starting ritual!
Attached File  Sport Mode.jpg   103KB   1 downloads
- NB paint - I know this is a very personal thing, but to me this is such a great colour in the flesh - It is such a difficult colour to capture in photos.
Attached File  Front Pic 1.jpg   244.43KB   3 downloads
Attached File  Side Pic 1.jpg   114.04KB   2 downloads
Attached File  Front RS.jpg   269.49KB   1 downloads
Attached File  Right Side and Spoiler.jpg   152.83KB   1 downloads
Attached File  Rear Right RS Pic.jpg   170.29KB   2 downloads
Attached File  Side Rear Pic 1.jpg   176.49KB   1 downloads
Attached File  Side Pic 2.jpg   233.39KB   1 downloads
Attached File  Front Pic 2.jpg   362.74KB   1 downloads
Yes, the sparkle can only really be seen in direct sunlight, but even when not sparkling it is such a stand-out colour. :nice:  Is it similar in colour to that Volvo blue?  Yes (One drove past me yesterday!).  Is it even similar to the British Gas van blue?  Yes, a little.  And I even saw an Aygo in a somewhat similar colour today.  But, seriously, who cares, it really suits the Mk3 RS shape well.  And the contrast with the black trim and wheels makes it look... Just simply brilliant (all in my own opinion, of course   :nice: )!  I will admit that when I first saw the colour choices for the RS, I was a bit disappointed - Like many, I wanted more choice, perhaps a darker blue, but in all honesty, having the NB now, I wouldn’t change it!
- Standard Seats - Wonderfully snug and supportive.  I love the blue inserts, and the Mrs loves them too. :thumbsup:
Attached File  Front Seats.jpg   115.14KB   1 downloads
The seat height adjustment of the standard seats is great - I (6’2”) have the seat at the lowest setting, and the Mrs (5’4”) has it at the top.  This is the main reason I chose standard seats over CS (however, being able to get in and out a lot easier is also a bonus!).  There are some negatives, however, which I will mention later.
- Headlights - Very bright and the Adaptive Headlight turning feature is brilliant.  I know it’s not unique to the RS and by no means a main feature of the car, but the little things really do add up.   :yep:
Attached File  Headlight.jpg   112.55KB   1 downloads
- Keyless Entry and Locking - What a snazzy implementation ford have made of this - Just slide your hand behind the handle to unlock or press gently on the dimple to lock (Far better than the system on other cars, which use a physical button on the handle that you press) - Simple, but really quite clever.  I like things like that.
Attached File  Door Handle.jpg   56.42KB   1 downloads
- Reversing Camera - Picture is nice and clear, and it looks good on the large display.  Really is useful when reversing (However, it does appear to get dirty quickly when driving on wet roads, so will require frequent wiping to ensure a clear picture - I hope the lens cover doesn’t scratch easily!).
Attached File  Rear Camera.jpg   109.67KB   1 downloads
- Build Quality - As expected.  The car feels very solid and well built so far - time will tell if any creaks and squeaks creep in.  The doors also close with a nice ‘thunk’.
I my experience, nothing can match a top-end Audi interior, for both the quality of materials used and the way they are put together.  However, whilst the quality of the materials used in the RS may be somewhat lower-rent in comparison, the actual build quality seems to be perfectly fine... Certainly far, far better than EVERY French car I have ever been in!
- SYNC 2 - Leaving aside any discussion about SYNC 2 vs SYNC 3...  SYNC 2 is actually a very good system (I had never used it before I got the RS).  The display is a great size and lovely and clear and the touchscreen is pretty responsive.
- It’s an :rs: !   8)
Attached File  Rear RS Badge.jpg   69.96KB   1 downloads
Attached File  Spoiler RS 2.jpg   90.94KB   1 downloads
Attached File  Front RS Badge.jpg   133.22KB   1 downloads
Attached File  Seat RS Badge 1.jpg   224.73KB   1 downloads
Right.  Now, before I go into the less positive points below, it’s important that I point out that NONE of these are a major problem.  NONE of the below stopped me buying the car (I knew about most of them before buying anyway).  However, I wanted to give a fair and rounded review, not just “The RS is the best car in the world and everything is absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing”!... However, if Ford HAD addressed some of these points, I do believe that it would have made the RS EVEN BETTER, hence why I want to point them out.
The Bad:
- No Auto-Lock on the Doors - I know this has been discussed on here already but this really is a poor show from Ford - To not offer this as an anti-hijack feature on the RS I find truly bemusing.  Yes, you can lock the car yourself each time you get in, but there WILL be times when I forget (or even more worryingly, when the Mrs forgets) to do this... For Ford to not even offer the option to set up auto-lock is ... :facepalm:  As soon as a solution for this become readily available, I’ll be enabling this.
- No Heated  Seats / Steering Wheel & No Electric Seat Adjustment - Yes, I know this one has been done to death, but I really do think that the Ford UK marketing team dropped a ball on this.  Did it stop me from ordering - Obviously not!  But the point is, even if these had been paid-for options, I would have ordered them (and I believe a LOT of other people would have too)... I may consider a retro-fit of a heated steering wheel and possibly heating elements for the seats in the future if it proves easy enough to do.
- Turning Circle - Well, it is just truly awful!   :nope:  My Audi Q7 has a better turning circle - And that thing is just one step down from the QE2!  I can see the RS embarrassing me in tight car parks!   :facepalm:
The... Hmm...:
- Seat Material - The quality of the material of the standard seats leaves a lot to be desired - The standard seats would have been soooo much better if they had used the same dynamica material that is used on the CS seats (also, the sculpted rear seats that come with the CS seats look much better too, imho).
- Lumbar Support - There isn’t any!... What’s the deal with that?  I can understand the lack of lumbar support on the CS seats, but to not have it on the standard seats is a bit bizarre.
- Ride Quality (for Passengers) - The ride with dampers in normal mode I would describe as towards the slightly jiggly side of comfortable.  I will clarify this to say that as the driver it isn’t an issue, but I can see passengers getting bored of being jiggled about on a long journey.   :unsure:  (I have tried the sport setting on the dampers, and have to agree with all reviews so far - This setting is really only suitable for smooth roads/tracks!  It is not as stiff as the setup on my trackday Toyota MR2, but it is too jarring for normal driving on normal UK roads).
- Steering Wheel - Personal preference, but I would have preferred the steering wheel to have been slightly chunkier (It just feels slightly too slim to me for a sporty car).  Also, I would have liked an extra couple of cm’s of steering wheel reach adjustment - When I have the seat in a good position for my legs and feet on the pedals, my arms are more stretched than I would ideally like - I like a good amount of bend in my arms, to aid with car control (And before anyone says it, I even have the backrest in a fairly upright position, not laid-back at all).
Attached File  Steering Wheel.jpg   162.77KB   1 downloads
- Rear Seat Space - Could be better (Albeit not a problem with the RS specifically, as it is a generic Focus point).  I am quite tall and have my seat quite far back - There is just enough room for someone smaller than me behind, but I wouldn’t be able to sit behind myself (if you know what I mean!).
Attached File  Rear Seat Space.jpg   209.09KB   1 downloads   Attached File  Rear Seats.jpg   183.69KB   1 downloads
- Red Ambient Lighting - Probably looks good in a Black RS, but it just doesn’t suit the NB at all... Doing a quick search suggests that it would be a rather intensive job to replace all the led’s, requiring the skilled use of a soldering iron - Perhaps not something I would be comfortable doing - I’ll need to think about it and do a bit more research (I would have thought some ST owners would have done this by now - Anyone know of any decent how-to’s?).
Attached File  Red Footwell Light.jpg   152.28KB   1 downloads
- Handbrake - It is sort of stuffed down in-between the transmission tunnel and the driver’s seat base.  Now, perhaps the problem is actually my large gorilla-like hands and nobody else has any difficulties   :blink: , but I find that no matter what I try, either my knuckles rub on the hard plastic of the transmission tunnel or my fingers (or worse still, my finger nails) scrape the side of the seat base... The only way to minimise this is to only hook the ends of my fingers under the handbrake lever, but that doesn’t exactly provide a firm grip of the lever... Oh well, guess I won’t be doing too many handbrake turns!   :laughing:
Attached File  Handbrake.jpg   253.45KB   1 downloads   Attached File  Hand on Handbrake.jpg   125.39KB   1 downloads   Attached File  Handbrake Fingers.jpg   147.75KB   1 downloads
- Auto-wipers - I have had these in a few cars previously and not a single one has got it perfectly right.  With the rain we had earlier this week, I had a chance to try them out on the RS... There were several occasions when I had to flick the wipers on manually as the auto-wipers haven’t wiped when I would have expected them to (on the other hand they have also randomly wiped occasionally when there was only a spot or two on the windscreen).  As I said, this isn’t a unique issue to the Focus as I have had the same in every other car I have ever driven with auto wipers, but it is making me wonder if I just switch the feature off and go back to manual intermittent wipers (thankfully an easy enough thing to do in the RS).
Attached File  Rain Sensing Wipers Off.jpg   80.29KB   1 downloads
- B-Pillar - Again not an RS specific point, as it is the same for all Foci...  As I have my seat quite far back, the B-Pillar is pretty much directly to the side of my head, not blocking my view per se, but it does get slightly in the way if looking to the right and slightly backwards (I have to lean slightly forward to see around the B-pillar).  However, there is a positive to this, and that is when checking the blind spot over my right shoulder, it gives a really open and clear view.
Attached File  Seat vs B-Pillar.jpg   175.06KB   1 downloads
- Normal Mode - I think I’ll be leaving that one to the Mrs... Sport mode just feels that little bit more special - I think I’ll be switching it over to Sport mode every time I drive it!  (Oh, and because Normal mode keeps the flap on the left side exhaust pipe closed, and because I am NOT an OCD car cleaner :nope: , both pipes will soot-up in equal measure when in Sport mode, so less likely to look like my car has a ‘fake’ twin exhaust setup!   :whistle: )
Attached File  Exhaust Flap Closed.jpg   155.3KB   1 downloads   Attached File  Exhaust Flap Open.jpg   167.62KB   1 downloads
So, in summary, just a few days in to ownership, I can absolutely say that this car has an extremely good chance of becoming one of the best cars I have ever owned (and I have owned a few good ones!).  :thumbsup:
The :rs: literally makes me smile when I drive it! :smile:
Now, I just need to get more miles on it, so I can get past my self-imposed run-in distance and start stretching its legs a little more!   :bounce:   :thumbsup:
Attached File  Trip Computer 1.jpg   113.63KB   1 downloads

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#425332 1 Year Cancer Free!

Posted by Gareth350 on 06 December 2012 - 14:30

Well, most of you will know of my Cancer fight so i wont go over it again but yesterday i went back to Addenbrookes in Cambridge for my regular 3 monthly checkup & i've been given the all clear again. :thumbsup:

This is a good milestone as its a year (well, just over) since my 1st all clear scan, this now means my next scan is in 6 months time & the chances of it coming back are now greatly reduced (1st year is the highest chance of it coming back) when i get to 2 years then scans every year.

So, as i have kept quiet on the subject for the last 6-8 months i just wanted to share with all my friends who have helped me in the past. :bow:

I presented a cheque for £100 raised from the recent rolling road that Deano organised to my McMillan nurse Gwyn who asked me to pass on her gratitude to the club & members who contributed. :bow:

My own thanks go to you & everyone who has purchased various stuff off me in the past, this has all been done for Cancer Research & totals approx £750 so far. :thumbsup:

Lastly, all the Essex boys & girls who i consider to be very close friends who always have me in stitches every month at our meets, even near the beginning of the year when i was feeling extremely rough!! :laughing:

After finishing my hospital chemo 2 days before xmas, i am intending to not feel as sick as a dog for this one & make up for it, may even have my 1st drink for 18 months!! :laughing:

Let me be the 1st to wish everyone a VERY Happy Christmas & New Year!

CheeRS, Gareth
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#3941818 Car has arrived early

Posted by DAB on 18 March 2016 - 14:36

Well in the form of a cake anyway for my 40th even inc blue bremo's and forged wheels

Attached File  image.jpeg   92.42KB   15 downloads
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#4145417 Mr A is pleased to announce the safe arrival of..

Posted by PerRSFmk3 on 23 April 2016 - 12:49

A healthy Nitrous Blue RS  :bounce:  :bounce:  :wow:  :wow:  :cloud9:  :cloud9:


After 222 days of gestation, the safe delivery and handover of a Nitrous Blue RS happened at 09:36am on Saturday 23rd April 2016. Father and Car are well and after a short sojourn into the clear day in Stevenage, are now safely wrapped up in the garage (well the car is), her father, (me  :laughing:  :laughing: ) is busy hanging a door at home


First impressions are all positive, no tramlining, no wild pulling one way or the other, decent pick up and a rather pleasant snarl even in Normal Mode. CS seats are great and comfortable, but they are a touch too high - but that's something I will get used to.


I can't add anything to what others who have taken delivery have already commented - its well planted, looks, feels and sounds superb,gets plenty of looks when you drive past, wants to be let loose and play (but will hold back on the reigns until brakes and tyres are bedded in). A proper run will take place tomorrow to meet up with the Essex crew for Last Sunday of the Month Breakfast.


Some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Attached Files

#4200545 I tried so hard!

Posted by RS Tina on 30 April 2016 - 18:49

Went for test drive today..  got a call this morning telling me the car is in for test drives so off I went ..(Couldn't wait) :facepalm:  I wanted to see for myself what everyone else who had bought saw in this new RS! And if I would  feel the same.



I was convinced I wouldn't like it, In fact  I kept telling myself I don't like it all the way there..   and the reason for that is I personally don't think it looks like an RS.. the presence just isn't the same as the MK2 so I was almost sure I would not be ordering one anytime soon. :smile: And I most certainly DON'T do 5 doors.


Maybe in a couple of years it would grow on me but for now it wasn't for me, I still love the in your face look of the MK2 and even though I wouldn't be parting with my MK2 it still wasn't for me.. :whistle:  I remember driving 3 or 4 MK2's before making that decision to buy, and I certainly wasn't  going to put my money down without even driving it.





Until I got in that driver's seat! :nice:  OMG the car hugs you, the controls are in all the right places ,( Yes I know they should be)  It drives lovely.. the ride is lovely not really bumpy like the MK2.. I switched to sport mode ( after reading some posts on here) which if you know me I don't thrash my car, it's the looks I prefer,  not the noise or the speed.. Well I literally screamed with joy! Popping like a gooden it was, (the car not me)   :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  the salesperson must have thought OMG what have a I got here :facepalm:  :rofl:  :rofl: :rofl:  And its quite noisy in the cabin too which I really didn't expect. And I didn't notice really the other spare doors.


So yes I did order one..


White ( of course it had to be white) :smile:

Shell seats


lux pack............( coz I remember the stick you get if you have no lux pack :rofl: )

Forged Wheels

Sync 2 or 3 whichever I get

And painted Calipers


Personal modifications :smile:



And I felt a little left out on here with all these Mk 3 posts :laughing:   So here I am adding another post to the MK3 forum :rofl:





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#418767 Thankyou every one and I mean everyone.

Posted by Bry on 23 November 2012 - 10:06

Well it's been an overwhelming few days, I'd like to thank everyone for all their support. :thumbsup: :bow: :thumbsup: :bow: :thumbsup: :bow:

The members are really special in this club and may long it continue, you wouldn't believe the amount of kind offers, phone calls, email, pm's I've received plus the reponse elsewhere.

I have had offers to make me a sponsor :bow: , one individual has offered to stump up the whole fee, what an absolute legend he is :bow: still not decided what to do.

I have believe it or not has a lot of conversations with admin :laughing: , they are all doing the right things and given me a great deal of help and information, some more than others :nice: when everything is explained to you in great lengths as in Jims PM to me yesterday you begin to fully understand the whole picture and see how difficult their job is , so everyone please don't be too harsh on them after all were all in this together and contribute greatly to making this club what it is. :bow:

I have given admin an Idea I really hope they take the opportunity, but either way I will still continue as Mr group Buy.

Thanks everyone :grouphug:
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#6153730 Well that's me finished! (I am now retired).

Posted by Dave276 on 19 October 2017 - 15:40

Well that's it then I am finished.

I have worked my last day as a Ford Employee, tomorrow is my last vacation day,
theres a story here about vacation allocation within Ford too.

After 20 Oct 2017 I will be a Ford Pensioner, after working in that company for 45 years 1 month 9 days

I just hope I have chosen the right pension option from those available to me to support my family over the next years, ( 25+ I hope).

An end of an Era, and the beginning of a new one.

I will have 7 days of the week to wash the :PB.RS: or drive it, then wash it again (nahhhh, drive it).

Looking forward to having a few good holidays and road trips in the next few months & years.
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#2241042 Official Ford Focus RS MK3 Press Releases

Posted by Rich on 11 December 2014 - 20:10

COLOGNE, Germany, Dec. 11, 2014 – Ford today confirmed it will be launching an all-new Focus RS – the ultimate performance version of the world’s best-selling global nameplate.* The company announced that the all-new RS will be made available to customers in major markets around the world for the first time.

Ford also announced that the all-new Focus RS is one of more than 12 new performance vehicles coming for global enthusiasts through 2020. This is part of the company’s plan to deliver more performance vehicles, parts and accessories for customers around the world – more quickly – through a new global Ford Performance team.

“Ford remains committed to innovation through performance,” says Raj Nair, Ford’s group vice president, Global Product Development. “Through our global Ford Performance team that ties together racing, performance vehicles, and parts, we can more quickly bring to market products and accessories that meet the needs of customers around the world on-road and on the track.”

Focus RS, which builds on a pedigree of driving excellence dating back to the first Ford RS in 1968, was last introduced in 2009.

“To earn the RS badge, the vehicle has to be a no-compromise driver’s car that can deliver exceptional performance on the track when required while providing excellent every day driving,” Nair said.

In addition to pleasing enthusiasts, vehicles such as Focus RS help deliver the company’s One Ford plan for profitable growth, product excellence and innovation in every part of its business. Performance vehicle sales are growing around the world – with sales in Europe and the U.S. up by 14 percent and 70 percent respectively, since 2009.

Powering performance vehicles, such as the Fiesta ST and Focus ST, is Ford’s award-winning EcoBoost engine range. Since the introduction of the EcoBoost engine in 2009, Ford has produced more than 2 million EcoBoost engines globally.

“EcoBoost is a strong example of how we are migrating technology and engineering across our line-up, ensuring our vehicles are fun to drive – not just our Ford Performance line-up,” Nair said. “From our most nimble Fiesta to our hard-working full-size pickups and racing vehicles, our line-up benefits from the innovations we deliver at the track and at the limit.”

New global team

The new Ford Performance organisation unifies Team RS, Ford SVT, and Ford Racing globally, serving as an innovation laboratory and test-bed to create unique performance vehicles, parts, accessories and experiences for customers.

This includes developing innovations and technologies in aerodynamics, light-weighting, electronics, powertrain performance and fuel efficiency that can be applied more broadly to Ford’s product portfolio.

In addition to race tracks around the world, the team also will develop new vehicles and technologies at Ford’s engineering centres globally and at a new technical centre in Charlotte, North Carolina. This state-of-the-art facility helps the team deliver racing innovations as well as advancing tools for use in performance vehicles and daily drivers alike.

The Ford Performance organization is led by Dave Pericak, who has been appointed director, Global Ford Performance.

Heritage of Performance Innovation

Performance and racing are deeply embedded in Ford’s DNA, dating back 113 years ago when Henry Ford won the Sweepstakes Race against Alexander Winton – then America’s greatest racer.

Following a remarkable upset victory in front of Detroit’s business elite, some of whom immediately came forward to back whatever automotive venture Henry had in mind, Ford Motor Company opened 18 months later.

“Ford still races for the same reasons Henry Ford did in 1901 – to prove out our products and technologies against the very best in the world,” Nair said. “The Ford Performance team will continue to pursue performance innovation, ensuring we can deliver even more coveted performance cars, utilities and trucks to customers around the world.”

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#2131290 Tax Disc Alternatives *FREE*

Posted by Gareth350 on 02 November 2014 - 19:20

OK guys, you may have seen the alternative Mountune tax disc that i mocked up in another thread. 


I have quite a few others i have done & anyone is welcome to save any of them & use as you want. 


Most are blank, so you can customise yourselves, simply save the image you want, then paste it in 'paintbox' or whatever editing software you use & can add any details, like power, build number etc, etc. So, once done, print off on normal paper & carry on using any existing tax disc holder. 


Please note, these will need a bit of trial & error resizing to get to the exact tax disc size (they print correctly for me on my machine but will probably change size once saved from here to your machine).


Anyway, here is an example,


Attached File  MOUNTUNE TAX DISC.jpg   74.69KB   3 downloads


& these are the ones you can customise yourselves,


Club Disc,


Attached File  Capture.JPG   39.28KB   2 downloads




Attached File  BLACK RS TAX DISC BLANK.jpg   39.81KB   1 downloads


Attached File  BLUE RS TAX DISC BLANK.jpg   39.94KB   3 downloads


Attached File  GREEN RS TAX DISC BLANK.jpg   38.39KB   2 downloads


Attached File  RS500 TAX DISC BLANK.jpg   42.89KB   0 downloads


Attached File  CHEQUE TAX DISC BLANK.jpg   45.06KB   2 downloads




Attached File  MOUNTUNE TAX DISC blank.jpg   71.67KB   1 downloads


Attached File  MOUNTUNE TAX DISC MP350.jpg   70.67KB   0 downloads


Attached File  MOUNTUNE TAX DISC MP350+.jpg   70.26KB   0 downloads


Attached File  mountune tax disc 375.jpg   67.54KB   0 downloads


Attached File  mountune tax disc 375+.jpg   69.22KB   1 downloads


Attached File  MOUNTUNE TAX DISC MR420.jpg   69.03KB   0 downloads


Attached File  MOUNTUNE TAX DISC MR420+.jpg   68.68KB   0 downloads


Attached File  MOUNTUNE TAX DISC MR420 alt.jpg   56.96KB   0 downloads


Attached File  BLACK RS MOUNTUNE TAX DISC BLANK.jpg   43.71KB   1 downloads


Attached File  BLUE RS MOUNTUNE TAX DISC BLANK.jpg   43.78KB   0 downloads


Attached File  GREEN RS MOUNTUNE TAX DISC BLANK.jpg   42.04KB   0 downloads


Attached File  MOUNTUNE MULTI.jpg   72.76KB   0 downloads




Attached File  JWR TAX DISC BLANK.jpg   62.96KB   1 downloads


Attached File  JWR60 TAX DISC BLANK.jpg   63.14KB   0 downloads


Attached File  JWR80 TAX DISC BLANK.jpg   62.82KB   0 downloads


Attached File  JWR100 TAX DISC BLANK.jpg   63.14KB   0 downloads


Attached File  JWR120 TAX DISC BLANK.jpg   63.11KB   1 downloads




Attached File  JAMSPORT TAX DISC BLANK.jpg   63.3KB   0 downloads




Attached File  REVO TAX DISC BLANK.jpg   71.23KB   0 downloads


Attached File  REVO TAX DISC 1 BLANK.jpg   42.39KB   0 downloads




Attached File  collins tax disc blank.jpg   59.61KB   0 downloads


Attached File  collins tax disc blank cp340.jpg   49.88KB   0 downloads


Attached File  collins tax disc blank cp370.jpg   50.07KB   0 downloads


Attached File  collins tax disc blank cp400.jpg   49.08KB   1 downloads


Attached File  collins tax disc blank cp420.jpg   50.45KB   1 downloads




Attached File  MK1 BLANK.jpg   121.76KB   2 downloads


I will add more, if i think of any more. 


PLEASE dont ask me to do these for you, i really haven't got the time to do everyones individually but if there is anyone who really have no clue how to do these & i see at any meets, then i will do them but i'm not going to start doing them & posting, SORRY! 


Please also note, that these are FREE for people to do with as they want, i do not & will not make any money from these anywhere, & if any of the companies who's names that have been used object to the use of their logo etc, i will happily remove them from this post, alternatively, if they wish to make use of the whole design then they are more than welcome.


I have done these with no intentions of stepping on anyone toes.


CheeRS! :thumbsup:  












#5456577 The big day has arrived...collected the Mk3 this afternoon

Posted by JaneRS on 04 March 2017 - 18:40

Today was the day I'd been waiting for since April last year. Yes! The RS was ready for collection.

I've not been back home long, so I just got a few photos before it went dark. Funny how all the stress with waiting, and delivery dates disappears as soon as you get behind the wheel. Such a good car, that feels really well planted on the road.

So now my Focus RS collection is complete. Happy happy .....:grin:

Attached Files

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#4300682 Took the RS on track yesterday...

Posted by Fox on 17 May 2016 - 11:32

First track day in the RS yesterday, at Bedford GT circuit.

We had a group of 25 cars out of 75 and it was a great day with the track and social element.

I had Jake Hill from the BTCC in with me, giving me some pointers.




Focus RS:  Deeply impressive machine.


As you read about in the reviews, the way the car rotates, the firmness of the ride on track, the grip and cornering speeds.

It really is great fun, better than most cars I've driven on track.


Mine is still on road rubber with OEM brakes/pads and it went well all day on the 2.8 mile Bedford track with some serious braking areas where you have to get a lot of speed off.

No brake fade all day.  After three or four laps you'd get a little more pedal travel and that's it, then it'd just work and work and work with no fade at all.

The tyres allowed it to move about nicely, so you could brake late into a corner, rotate the car with the rear out a little and then for fun four wheel drift it through the whole corner without the 4x4 system trying to get it pointing straight.


Amazing how Ford have managed to make it so much fun and so capable at the same time.

Not to mention the cornering speeds you can achieve mean even on road tyres and brakes it's quick on a track day, not much overtook us all day and we were often having a play with cars on semi-slicks and passing them.


Just got to get a few flies off now...




Overall I am really, really happy I ordered the RS unseen on the strength of how good the Fiesta ST is.

It's a cracking car with a real breadth of ability.

Five doors, five seats, child seats in one day going to Tescos and on track the next power sliding round corners on road tyres overtaking other cars on semi slicks.


Awesome car. ).gif

Out of the road cars I've driven I place it only second in fun to my 680bhp R32 GT-R which is an animal and no where near as practical, not to mention the Focus RS is still in "out of the box" spec which makes it even more remarkable.

#1324466 Skint but worth it

Posted by Girlracerr68 on 10 February 2014 - 13:19

It was a big decision to make and I will be living on super noodles forever but I'm pleased to announce that Roxy is now mine. That's right I'm now an RS owner :0)))))
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